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Job opportunities at LAAS BOREAL 1.1.1

Theme Team Title LAAS contacts Keywords Certificate Reference Detail
TICS MILE Development of a automated platform for high precision DNA manipulation and... A.BANCAUD Biotechnologie, Automatique, ADN Master ou Ingénieur STA572
TICS MILE Microfluidics for RNA and exosome processing for body fluids analysis... A.BANCAUD, B.CHAMI microscopie de fluorescence, microfluidique, biodétection, ADN Master ou Ingénieur STA555
TICS MILE Development of a fluidic technology for the purification of DNA from biolog... A.BANCAUD microfluidique, Biotechnologie, ADN Master ou Ingénieur STA573
TICS MILE Microfluidic approach for submicron particles separation... A.GUE Physique des écoulements, Microfluidique Master ou Ingénieur STA562