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Theme Team Title LAAS contacts Keywords Certificate Reference Detail
HOPES OASIS Conception of a men fertility autonomous analysis system based on optical ... J.PERCHOUX, A.QUOTB Capteurs optiques, biocapteur M STA644
HOPES MOST Development of an optical engineering model of EDMon payload... A.FERNANDEZ optimisation robuste, fibre optique, Communication micro-ondes et opto-électronique, amplificateur faible bruit Master ou Ingénieur STA670
HOPES OASIS Study of choc waves propagation by optical sensing using optical feedback i... J.PERCHOUX smart sensor, Capteurs optiques M STA645
HOPES MOST Design of a CMOS mixer MMIC for the modeling and characterization of its 3r... C.VIALLON mélangeur, circuits intégrés micro-ondes Master ou Ingénieur STA648