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Theme Team Title LAAS contacts Keywords Certificate Reference Detail
MNBT ELIA Development of an AFM analysis method to characterize the stiffness of the ... C.THIBAULT mécanique cellulaire, Biologie, AFM L STA565
MNBT MEMS Design of atraumatic cochlear implants by 3D printing... V.MANSARD Neuronal interfacing, Biotechs M STA658
MNBT MEMS Design of a polymer-based force platform to analyze ant locomotion... V.MANSARD capteur, Biomécanique M STA642
MNBT MICA New gas sensors based on PN junctions... T.CAMPS, P.MENINI caractérisation électrique, Capteurs de gaz M STA664
MNBT MICA Realisation and characterization of COV gas sensor for plane cabin air qual... P.MENINI pollution, Capteurs de gaz, avionique M STA665
MNBT ELIA Development of nano-devices for the study of adhesion structures of primary... C.THIBAULT nano-dispositifs, migration cellulaire, Micro- et nano-technologies, macrophages, Biologie L STA564
MNBT MPN Fabrication and study of the properties of thin films of acenes... E.BEDEL-PEREIRA Physique des semi-conducteurs, Electronique organique, dépôt M STA628
MNBT MEMS Development of a new mechanically active polymer material controlled by ele... V.MANSARD physico-chimie M STA651