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Theme Team Title LAAS contacts Keywords Reference Detail
DO MAC Energy-aware control of microgrids via hybrid dynamical and multi-agent sys... C.ALBEA SANCHEZ, A.SEURET systèmes multi-agents, Systèmes hybrides, micro-grid, Automatique THE206
ROB RIS Computational methods for the design of nano-antimicrobials... J.CORTES Optimisation, modélisation moléculaire, Algorithique THE237
DO ROC Piecewise linear bounding of non-linear multivariate functions for solving ... S.NGUEVEU Optimisation combinatoire, Non linéarité THE241
HOPES MOST Evaluation of design paradigms for robust Low Noise Amplifiers dedicated to... J.TARTARIN technologie GaN, robustesse, radar, amplificateur faible bruit THE240
MNBT MEMS Development of a new mechanically active polymer material controlled by ele... V.MANSARD Chimie polymères THE242
GE ISGE Campus eco-district smart-grid energy discretized management based on multi... C.ALONSO systèmes multi-agents, Python, micro-grid, gestion d'énergie, énergies renouvelables THE244
DO Direction, ROC Hybrid methods for disjunctive scheduling with resource flexibility and com... P.LOPEZ, C.ARTIGUES Programmation par contraintes, Programmation linéaire en nombres entiers, Ordonnancement, Méthode de décomposition, branch-and-bound, apprentissage THE226
DO DISCO CIFRE: Development of an intelligent and interpretable tool for the health ... Y.PENCOLE pronostic et diagnostic, Intelligence Artificielle, Apprentissage automatique, Aide à la décision THE239
MNBT MICA Design, integration and characterization of electrochemical microsensors in... J.LAUNAY capteur THE234