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Theme Team Title LAAS contacts Keywords Reference Detail
MNBT ELIA Biosensors for spatial research in planetology... E.TREVISIOL biocapteur, applications spaciales THE213
MNBT MH2F Development of an analyzing microsystem of micro-tissues based on microwave... K.GRENIER Microsystèmes, Micro-ondes, micro-capteur, hyperfréquences, cellulaire, Analyse THE217
MNBT MH2F Metrology dedicated to the evaluation of potential effects induced by Radio... K.GRENIER Métrologie, hyperfréquences, Biologie THE219
MNBT MICA design, fabrication and characterization of advanced organic sources (OLED)... V.BARDINAL-DELAGNES, I.SEGUY environnement, Electronique organique, Composants micro et opto-électroniques, Capteurs optiques THE223