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Stage 2018-2019




spectroscopie optique, electrochimie, biocapteur

Surface Functionalization of Porous Silicon Membranes for Biosensing Applications

In the framework of the ANR funded project LabPsi, we are developing an on-chip biosensor based on lateral porous silicon membranes. A novel fabrication method was recently proposed by our research group that enables the formation of membranes with pores running parallel to the silicon substrate surface, in contrast to the usual vertical porous silicon structures. The created lateral membranes are integrated into planar microchannels, constituting a selective microfluidic device. Thanks to the advantageous properties of porous silicon, they provide possible analysis of crude samples, including on-chip filtration, enrichment and biosensing.

Outcomes of this project in the field of nanostructured materials for health care are expected at various levels: implementation of diagnostic devices based on monolithic processes (rather than hybrid fabrication methods), increase in porous membrane fabrication reliability, solutions for material integration and adequate functionalization strategies.

The internship fellow will work on previously fabricated lateral porous silicon chips. She/he will modify the silicon surface with chemical and electrochemical methods so that biomolecules are immobilized inside the porous structure. The goal of the 6-month-long stay is to implement localized surface functionalization, to optimize the surface treatment conditions and to characterize the functionalized devices by means of different spectroscopic techniques (FTIR; SEM; fluorescent microscopy).


LAAS-CNRS (Laboratoire d’Analyse et d’Architecture des Systèmes, UPR CNRS 8001)

MEMS Team (https://www.laas.fr/public/en/MEMS)


M1 or M2

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6 mois

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