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MEMS, capteur, Biologie, biocapteur

Lab-on-a-chip: Development of MEMS biosensors for the detection of miRNAs.

Internship Offer
Lab-on-a-chip: Development of MEMS biosensors for the detection of miRNAs.
This internship has as objective the application of a MEMS into the diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer. During this project, silicon micro-membranes will be used in order to detect miRNA sequences that are recognized as good biomarkers for pancreas tumors in biological samples.
The candidate’s main mission will be to functionalize a MEMS sensor with oligonucleotide DNA probes that are complementary to the miRNA target and in-house electronics will be used to track the MEMS resonance frequency in order to observe the hybridization in real time without the use of any fluorescent marker. The candidate is expected to perform the necessary experiments for the MEMS functionalization and the electromechanical measurements required in order to detect and quantify the specific target. The MEMS micro-resonator chips have already been fabricated, the driving electronics is available and the functionalization process has already been implemented and tested onto gold samples.
All works will be held in coordination with Maria Dolores Manrique Juarez (MEMS characterization) and Eirini Apazoglou (biological functionalization) and under the supervision of Thierry Leïchlé in the laboratory facilities of LAAS in Toulouse, France.
Applicant profile
We are looking for a highly motivated candidate with strong background in physics, biology or biophysics, currently on the second year of his Master degree. General understanding of physics concepts and experience with handling biomolecules will be appreciated. Good communication skills and ability to work within an interdisciplinary team. Good knowledge in English (written and spoken) is required. French knowledge will be appreciated.
Net salary: 500€/month
Duration: 6 months starting as soon as possible.
Feel free to contact us for any further questions.
You are invited to submit your CV and cover letter no later than 28th of February 2019, to Maria Dolores Manrique Juarez (manrique-juarez@laas.fr), Eirini Apazoglou (eapazogl@laas.fr).
Figure 1: Schematic of the MEMS device and of the DNA-gold interaction


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6 mois

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