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Stage 2019-2020




Capteurs optiques, biocapteur

Conception of a men fertility autonomous analysis system based on optical feedback interferometry

Location: LAAS-CNRS, ENSEEIHT, 2 rue charles Camichel 31071 Toulouse

Duration: 6 months . Start date February 2020


OASIS (OpticAl and Smart Integrated Sensors) is a research team at the LAAS-CNRS laboratory in Toulouse. It is a worldwide leader for designing laser sensors based on the optical feedback interferometry (OFI) phenomenon. These sensors allow a large number of measurements (velocity, distance, displacement, etc...) with a simple and compact optical system. Recent developments in electronics, signal processing and optics, pave the way for new applications to be explored.

Multiwave is deep-science technology company developing technologies in diverse fields, including healthcare and bio-engineering. With offices in Geneva, Switzerland and Marseille, France, Multiwave’s mission is to co-develop deep-tech applications with leading research institutes, from conception stage to commercialization.

Innovative laser-based sensors for bio-nanomechanics, especially in the medical and animal field, are under investigation at the OASIS research group. These novel sensory solutions range from solutions to analyze skin cancer, blood flow distribution or blood clot monitoring. These research areas have attracted Multiwave’s attention who has expressed a wish to design new OFI sensors for measurements on in-vivo targets. The first application of interest is a home-kit for men’s fertility testing.

The objective of this internship is to demonstrate the feasibility of the development of a male fertility self-testing device that shall further be developed in a PhD depending of the internship results.

A laboratory demonstrator will be realized in order to analyze in vitro the 4 parameters which are significant for sperm analysis (oligospermia, necrospermia, asthenospermia and teratospermia). OFI sensors final results will be compared to the Toulouse CHU male fertility test routine.

This internship will take place at the LAAS-CNRS site in ENSEEIHT. It will be funded by Multiwave and supported by the CECOS (Toulouse Hospital) and MULTIWAVE. Should the results of the internship be promising, a CIFRE PhD thesis may be proposed.

Students Profile: The student must have an experience in electronics and/or signal processing as well as a good knowledge of optoelectronics. A strong interest for the medical field will be a plus.

Salary : 577€/month


Possibilité d'indemnisation



5 à 6 mois

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